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Supporting your digital transformation

Cybersecurity Threat Detection
Analytical data of applications and networks

Isolation of networks by diodes-gateways
Traffic replication and aggregation

Supporting your digital transformation


ANSSI qualification 
- Qe-Secure probe
- TACU-SEC copper TAP
- TAMOD-OWL optical TAP 





Real-time threat analysis and detection to handle, investigate and deal with the cyberattacks on the information system.

Network and application performance

IP traffic monitoring for network and application analytics – performance and flow matrices.

Business applications & services hypervision

Real-time health status correlation of information system elements monitoring the availability of services delivered to the business.

Traffic replication

Deployment of collection architectures adapted to technical and regulatory constraints.

Complete integrated system of performance analysis and detection of cybersecurity threats

Flow Replication Solutions - Probes

la société Allentis distribue extrahop tapics

Our company

Allentis is a French company that was founded by a team of experienced and qualified engineers with over twenty years of expertise in the field of computer networking equipment.


We work to provide you with the right solutions to ensure the security and performance of your information system. We develop and integrate a full range of solutions from traffic replication architectures to IS performance monitoring, IP traffic and cyber security threat detection solutions.


Our customers take advantage of our flexibility, reactivity and ability to adapt our solutions to their specific needs. It makes our company a recognized and recommended partner by many large economic, industrial and governmental organizations.

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