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allentis created the Tapics brand five years ago. Tapics was born from our desire to produce our own TAPs in order to meet the growing demands in the field and allow our customers to benefit from our experience on the complete chain of performance analysis and threat detection systems on large networks. IP.

TAP Tapics: full range up to 100 Gbps

In copper up to 10 Gbps and in optical up to 100 Gbps, TAP Tapics are available in all the technologies encountered on the networks to allow their connection to any type of infrastructure. Depending on the model, they allow monitoring of up to 24 lines in a minimum footprint of 1U.

With totally passive equipment, operators benefit from Tapics equipment guaranteeing the continuity of production traffic in all circumstances. 

The entire Tapics range is designed for installations in 19'' telecom racks. Accessories are available to allow easy integration.

Gamme tap cuivre optique tapics allentis

Tapics range with basic ANSSI qualification

With Tapics, Allentis quickly became the leader in the production of TAPs in France. Also, based on our experience, beyond the standard copper and optical ranges, we wanted to offer a specific range dedicated to the issues of compliance with the requirements dictated by the military programming law (LPM). The elementary qualification by the ANSSI of five TAP Tapics in copper and in multimode and single-mode optics allows allentis to cover the essential flow monitoring needs on the network connection technologies encountered in the collection enclaves subject to the constraints of the LPM in accordance to the ANSSI PDIS v2 repository. These TAP Tapics meet the requirements of the security target in order to ensure operators of the maximum level of security both in terms of product design and in terms of the processes that accompany their production and delivery to customers. With or without concentration of flows to be analyzed by aggregation matrices (allentis is the first integrator in France of Arista aggregation matrices), the TAP Tapics thus allow the connection of security threat analysis probes such as Qe -Secure of allentis in particular. Tapics represents the guarantee for the operators of equipment exempt from any risk of weakening of the production environments during their  insertion on the monitored networks.

visa de sécurité anssi tap tapics

Identical copy of traffic exchanged on production links

Allentis TAP Tapics are the best option to guarantee network operators a faithful and complete copy of all the traffic actually exchanged on the links in production.

In fact, unlike the SPAN or port mirroring functions embedded in active network equipment, Tapic TAPs make a physical copy of the traffic. They are the guarantee that no information from the copied packet is masked or filtered, whereas the SPAN or port mirroring functions do not allow in particular to see low-level CRC type errors, packets with sizes that are too small or too big or even corrupt packages. Tap Tapics therefore provide security teams with a copy of all the packets necessary for a complete analysis of all traffic likely to compromise the security of the information system.

To learn more about the advantages of TAP Tapics compared to using mirroring or SPAN functions on infrastructure devices, download the following white paper :

Learn more about Tapics solutions from Allentis

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